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EDF is one of the UK's most well-known energy companies. Not only do they supply electricity to homes and businesses but they generate it as well! Supplying around 6 million residential and business accounts with electricity or gas, EDF Energy is in fact one of the largest energy companies in the UK and provide around 20% of the nation's electricity.

EDF Information - 0844 453 5143

Do you need to contact EDF? You can find their contact information below.

EDF Customer Services
Osprey House
Osprey Road


Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm | Sat 8am-2pm
Telephone Number
0844 453 5143
Calls to 084 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

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EDF News - 0844 453 5143

EDF Contact Number

If you are an current or new Customer and want to register your interest in installing EDF’s Smart Meters. You can check the further help guide here by clicking on

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EDF FAQs - 0844 453 5143

Q. How do I join EDF?
A. You can join EDF by calling the EDF customer support department on the following EDF telephone number; 0844 453 5143. You can contact EDF Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays to discuss registration.

Q. What do the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ signs means before my account balance in the EDF Energy mobile app?
A. if your account balance shows “plus” sign and is based on latest meter reading, then no need to worry about it, your account is in credit. If you had like to refund this credit balance, you can get in touch with EDF Customer support team using EDF telephone number: 0844 453 5143. An EDF Customer executive will happy to do this for you.

If the account balance shows “minus” sign before it, this mean your account is in debit and you owe us money. If you want to avoid this, its good idea to provide meter reading so one of the EON Customer executive know how much energy you have used and can make sure your account balance is updated accurately.

Q. Is it possible to submit Photo meter readings to EDF? How to submit Photo meter readings?
A. Yes, it’s possible, if you are an existing EDF Customer, then you can submit the photo of meter readings using EDF’s new Mobile App. The meter reading will calculate your next bill. Remember to make sure you are using the latest version of app. If any error occurs while processing your meter readings, then one of the EDF billing executive will contact you within 3 days.

Q. I can't log into the app. How to access it?
A. Please make sure that the previous version of the apps (prior to 5.3 released before Jan 30 2015) will no longer supported, you will need to download the latest version because currently EDF has made some big improvements, making it even easier to control your EDF Customer Account.

If you have successfully registered for the app but can’t log in, you can try ‘forgotten password’ feature to retrieve your username or password.

If you are still experiencing login issue, then you can contact 24/7 EDF Customer Services department on 0844 453 5143.

Q. Is the EDF Energy app available for android/iOS device?
A. Yes, you can download EDF Energy Mobile App on any android device from Google Play store and iOS Device from Apple Store.

Q. How do I view my EDF bill online?
A. If you would like to contact the EDF Billing department to understand and view your bill within your online account, you can call the EDF customer services team on 0844 453 5143. This will connect you directly with a EDF customer executive who will help you to understand and resolve any EDF billing issues you may have.

Q. How do I find more company details?
A. At Contact Numbers, we've listed a wide range of companies alongside their full contact details so that you don't have to scour the web for hours! Using our easy to navigate website you can quickly search for Customer Service details and live chat too! Simply enter the EDF you're looking for and follow the instructions on screen.

Q. When is it best to contact EDF?
A. The peak time for most companies receiving calls is around 5-6pm, so try and avoid lengthy call queues by contacting them during the day if possible.

Q. How do I make a complaint to EDF?
A. Here at Contact Numbers we recommend putting your complaint in writing to EDF. A telephone call, followed by a written complaint could help your query be resolved more quickly. What’s more, you’ll have a written record of your communication with EDF for future reference should you need it.

Q. I have been expecting a call back and several days have passed - what should I do?
A. Depending on what they've told you - get on the phone if you think it's been too long! It might be that they're backlogged or have even misplaced your query. It's best to find out what the hold-up is before you take further action. you should call again on EDF customer services team on 0844 453 5143 and specify your problems.

Q. How much time should it take to resolve the query?
A. it should normally take less than a week to resolve a problems. EDF customer services aim to get your problem solved as quickly as possible - but if they don't, you can directly speak with a EDF customer service executive by calling on 0844 453 5143.

EDF Help Guides - 0844 453 5143

Useful Help Guide for EDF Energy Mobile App

EDF Energy is introducing new improved Smartphone app for managing your EDF Customer Account online easily.

If you are an existing EDF Customer and want to manage your account easily, you can download the latest version of EDF Energy App. By default, The EDF Energy Mobile App has all the existing features too, including checking the progress of your switch if you have recently moved, viewing any services messages and bills which is sent by EDF.

New features added to the Latest Version of EDF Energy App.  

EDF Energy has recently added one new feature called: “Blue+Price Promise tariff” which comes with the comfort of always being able to check you wouldn’t be better off away via the EDF Energy Mobile app.

Current features available in the EDF Energy app

  • You can easily register your online home or business account through app.
  • You can use the same Login credentials as your online EDF account - so there's no need to remember many passwords.
  • You can stay up to date with the progress of your switch to EDF Energy if you just sign up as new EDF Customer.
  • You can Live chat directly through the Mobile app – You can Navigate easily across the app while chatting to one of our Live Chat consultants; you will receive a record of your chat by your registered email. We have also provided a list of alternate contact details, so you can contact us in a way that outfits you - whether that's by email, phone or mail.
  • You can View detailed account information including your account balance, your Direct Debit amount, your last prepayment top-up and your tariff details.
  • You can check your existing and previous bills and you will receive by registered email or print them - effortlessly, safely and suitably.
  • You can manage your Direct Debit suitably- you can easily request a payment increase or decrease.
  • Easily submit your meter readings - You can opt manually type in your details or send photo of your meter and rest will be done by EDF Customer executive.
  • Moving home – Please contact EON Customer executive know when you are moving home, so they can make any necessary changes and allow you get on with packing.
  • You can update your contact information and can easily manage your communication preferences
  • You can find your nearest prepayment outlets (PayPoint, Payzone and Post Office) and see which facilities are offered.
  • You can also request a replacement prepayment key or card if you have misplaced or damaged your current one.

Watch the Official Video for EDF Energy Mobile App:

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