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Thames Water is one of the UK’s leading water suppliers, primarily supplying to Gloucestershire, London and Kent. Thames Water provides water services to households as well as businesses.  Thames Water is also offering services in regulating correct water pressure and confirming that the drainage system is working correctly. They also help in saving water and energy in various solutions for both. They supply water to 15 million customers which includes 27% of the UK Populations. 

Thames Water Information - 0844 453 5332

Do you need to contact Thames Water? You can find their contact information below.

Thames Water Customer Support
Clearwater Court
Vastern Road, Reading


Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm | Sat 8am-1pm
Telephone Number
0844 453 5332
Calls to 084 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Thames Water Reviews - 0844 453 5332

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Thames Water News - 0844 453 5332

Report Water Leak or Burst Pipe

If you are an existing Thames Water Customer and you are facing any water leak or burst Pipe issues. Please check the Help guide by click on read more button. 

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Thames Water FAQs - 0844 453 5332

Q. What to do if I change something in my bank details?
A. Call 24/7 Thames Water helpline number – 0844 453 5332 to tell us your changes in your bank details. You only need to provide your 10-digit Thames Water account number on hand.

Q. Should it be possible to include any outstanding payments in my payment plan?
A. Yes, under normal circumstances any outstanding payments are involved in your payment plan.

Q. What are the main benefits of paying by Direct Debit?
A. Direct Debit payments are done automatically from your bank account, i.e. auto debit from your account. So if you are an existing Thames Water customer, you need not to remember last bill payment date.
If you want to set up direct debit payment, then you simply need to call Thames Water phone number – 0844 453 5332 and speak to Thames Water customer executive who will help you to setup direct debit payment easily. Before calling on the given direct phone number, you will need to provide your bank details and your 10-digit Thames water account number to the Thames Water customer executive to keep the process smooth.

Q. How do I join Thames Water?
A. You can join Thames Water by calling the Thames Water customer support department on the following Thames Water telephone number; 0844 453 5332. You can contact Thames Water Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays to discuss registration.

Q. How do I view my Thames Water bill online?
A. If you would like to contact the Thames Water Billing department to understand and view your bill within your online account, you can call the Thames Water customer services team on 0844 453 5332. This will connect you directly with a Thames Water customer executive who will help you to understand and resolve any Thames Water billing issues you may have.

Q. How do I find more company details?
A. At Contact Numbers, we've listed a wide range of companies alongside their full contact details so that you don't have to scour the web for hours! Using our easy to navigate website you can quickly search for Customer Service details and live chat too! Simply enter the Thames Water you're looking for and follow the instructions on screen.

Q. When is it best to contact Thames Water?
A. The peak time for most companies receiving calls is around 5-6pm, so try and avoid lengthy call queues by contacting them during the day if possible.

Q. How do I make a complaint to Thames Water?
A. Here at Contact Numbers we recommend putting your complaint in writing to Thames Water. A telephone call, followed by a written complaint could help your query be resolved more quickly. What’s more, you’ll have a written record of your communication with Thames Water for future reference should you need it.

Q. I have been expecting a call back and several days have passed - what should I do?
A. Depending on what they've told you - get on the phone if you think it's been too long! It might be that they're backlogged or have even misplaced your query. It's best to find out what the hold-up is before you take further action. you should call again on Thames Water customer services team on 0844 453 5332 and specify your problems.

Q. How much time should it take to resolve the query?
A. it should normally take less than a week to resolve a problems. Thames Water customer services aim to get your problem solved as quickly as possible - but if they don't, you can directly speak with a Thames Water customer service executive by calling on 0844 453 5332.

Thames Water Help Guides - 0844 453 5332

Help guide on paying your Thames Water Bill

Thames Water Phone Number

If you are an existing Thames Water customer and you are struggling to pay your bill, then there are many ways Thames Water can reduce what you have to pay.  

Outstanding Bills

If your bill is outstanding then please arrange for payment to be made immediately. Thames Water has authority to take non-payment of bills. If you don’t pay your bill with us there are certain steps, Thames Water will take to collect the money they are owed.

Manage your Thames Water Payments:

If you are an existing Thames Water customer and you want to manage your Thames water payments. You can spread the cost of your bill by paying in instalments on payment plan. 

Setup a payment Plan:  You can make budgeting easier by paying via direct debit.  You can use this simple form to set up payment plan here

Setup a Direct Debit:  Thames Water is providing secure payment plan to pay your bill and debt in small amounts directly from the benefits with water direct scheme.  Please fill the form to setup your direct debit payment plan here.  

If you are still having problems paying your bill, you can call directly to Thames Water customer support team on this Thames Water phone number – 0844 453 5332. One of the Thames Water customer executive will help you to solve all your problems for paying your bills.

Disclaimer: Contact Numbers is UK's leading phone book directory services which connects you to Thames Water customer support department. Calls are charged at 7p per minute. This site is not affiliated with Thames Water. 

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