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Over 300 million customers around the world choose Vodafone for their communication needs. Founded over 30 years ago in Newbury Vodafone have grown in to a global business and have become a household name and leading mobile communications provider. Vodafone operates in over 30 countries and has 19 million customers in the UK alone.

Vodafone Information - 0844 453 5126

Do you need to contact Vodafone? You can find their contact information below.

Vodafone Customer Services
The Connection
RG14 2FN


Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 8am-9pm
Telephone Number
0844 453 5126
Calls to 084 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Vodafone Reviews - 0844 453 5126

Michael O

3 years ago

I have been a Vodafone customer for well over 5 years and I have never had anything bad to say about them. They have always had great reception/signal and always offer me a great tariff when my contract is up for renewal. I think Ill stay with Vodafone mobile forever.


Vodafone News - 0844 453 5126

Vodafone Contact Number

If you are an existing Vodafone Customer. If you are looking to upgrade your internet to Vodafone’s new ultrafast 4G. Please see the further help guide on How to get started with Vodafone’s ultrafast 4G. 

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Vodafone FAQs - 0844 453 5126

Q. How do I join Vodafone?
A. You can join Vodafone by calling the Vodafone customer support department on the following Vodafone telephone number; 0844 453 5126. You can contact Vodafone Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays to discuss registration.

Q. When and how can I upgrade my phone?
A. If you are an existing Vodafone customer, you can easily upgrade your phone at least 30 days before the end of your Pay Monthly agreement or 60 days early if you are on red value bundle.

You can just login to My Vodafone to check the latest smartphones and bundles and also exclusive deals for you. If you want to know more about upgrading your Phone, then you can call Vodafone customer support team on 0844 453 5126.

Q. How do I view my Vodafone bill online?
A. If you would like to contact the Vodafone Billing department to understand and view your bill within your online account, you can call the Vodafone customer services team on 0844 453 5126. This will connect you directly with a Vodafone customer executive who will help you to understand and resolve any Vodafone billing issues you may have.

Q. How do I find more company details?
A. At Contact Numbers, we've listed a wide range of companies alongside their full contact details so that you don't have to scour the web for hours! Using our easy to navigate website you can quickly search for Customer Service details and live chat too! Simply enter the Vodafone you're looking for and follow the instructions on screen.

Q. When is it best to contact Vodafone?
A. The peak time for most companies receiving calls is around 5-6pm, so try and avoid lengthy call queues by contacting them during the day if possible.

Q. How do I make a complaint to Vodafone?
A. Here at Contact Numbers we recommend putting your complaint in writing to Vodafone. A telephone call, followed by a written complaint could help your query be resolved more quickly. What’s more, you’ll have a written record of your communication with Vodafone for future reference should you need it.

Q. I have been expecting a call back and several days have passed - what should I do?
A. Depending on what they've told you - get on the phone if you think it's been too long! It might be that they're backlogged or have even misplaced your query. It's best to find out what the hold-up is before you take further action. you should call again on Vodafone customer services team on 0844 453 5126 and specify your problems.

Q. How much time should it take to resolve the query?
A. it should normally take less than a week to resolve a problems. Vodafone customer services aim to get your problem solved as quickly as possible - but if they don't, you can directly speak with a Vodafone customer service executive by calling on 0844 453 5126.

Vodafone Help Guides - 0844 453 5126

Vodafone Help Guide Dedicated Internet Access and My Vodafone App

Are you finding the right network connections to get your business doing more? You can follow the below Helpful information for Dedicated Internet Access for your online business.

What is Dedicated Internet Access?

dedicated internet access

Dedicated Internet Access is perfect and reliable high-speed internet connection for your organization. By using Vodafone’s Dedicated Internet Connection, you will receive wide range of standard and security to keep your business online. Additionally, you will get high connection speeds from 2Mbps to 1 Gbps for your dedicated internet plan for your business.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Internet Access

  1. Using dedicated internet access, you will get 100% bandwidth for your business. Don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. Your upload and download speed goes faster for your Internet connection.
  2. You can keep your Dedicated Internet connection and data safe with security features including internet proxy services, Distributed Denial of Service protection email security and other service option.
  3. You can understand how your online assets are performing with wide range of reports covering availability, connectivity and accessed through customer management portal.
  4. You can stay connected to 24/7 customer support for solving your Internet related issues.

If you are an existing Vodafone customer facing an issue with internet connection or new customer interested to start dedicated internet access, you can call Directly to Vodafone customer services team on 0844 453 5126.

How to use and download My Vodafone App on your device.

Features available in My Vodafone App:

  1. Keep track of your spending and billing of internet usage and remaining balance.
  2. Search with Wi-Fi finder for your nearest hotspot.
  3. You can easily top up for your internet.

Watch the Official video on how you can stay in control on your Internet Connection:

How to download My Vodafone App:

My Vodafone App is available for the below device:

IPhone/IPad: Download My Vodafone App from App store

Android: Download My Vodafone App from Google Play Store

BlackBerry: Download My Vodafone App from Blackberry App world

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